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We write. That's what we do. We'll write about anything. The weirder the better. The Odd Thought features the written works of two up and coming writers. Greg Morrow and Michael Shores have become masters of blending and confusing the literal and the symbolic into literary pieces that sing. They challenge us to accept the most mundane parts of life as anything but trivial.

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David vs. Beckham

Googel Search Resuslts: David

The above image comes from an internet image search for "david" on November 29th of this year. The Google search engine--used by 40% of internet users--returned a page of images in .03 seconds. The first 2 images feature Michelangelo's statue "David" as housed in a museum in Florence, Italy. The sculpture may be the most famous work in all of Western art.

More importantly, however, is image 3. This is not of the statue David, but in fact the image of David Beckham--David Robert Joseph Beckham that is!

But which is more important? Best 2 out of 3:

David: Chiseled from marble
Beckham: Chiseled from flesh
point: David

David: Moved from Palazzo Vecchio, Florence to Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence
Beckamn: Moved from London, England to Beverly Hills, California, USA
point: Beckham

David: Believed by some to be the likeness of Michelangelo's homosexual crush
Beckahm: Married Posh Spice Victoria Adams
point: Beckham

I must admit that I was really pulling for the refined art of Michelangelo, but the numbers above don't lie: David Beckham is now the greatest statue of a man in the world. Hang in there Mike, you still have the Sistine Chapel and there has yet to be a Ninja Turtle named "David".


Roman Coliseum
The Roman Coliseum
The Coliseum
We include this picture of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy as a symbolic gesture to, well ourselves—except we are building a web page and not a gladiator arena…

A little known fact about this wonder of the world: the Romans themselves plundered much of the marble of the Coliseum to build other structures of more use—like housing. It is really staggering that in a city as cramped as Rome, the giant Coliseum sat vacant since the fall of the empire in silent reverence of Rome’s rich heritage.

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