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Feed The Thought
The Odd Thought is FREE! Notice there are no advertisements blocking up your view and none of those absurd "Find gerund phrase on Ebay" notices in the sidebar of some websites. Life, unfortunately, is not free...

For those of you who think that Greg Morrow and Michael Shores suffer greatly in the sweatshop conditions here at The Odd Thought, don't worry. While it is true that The Odd Thought is secretly staffed by small Ukrainian children, Greg and Michael have no part of it.

A little known fact: all articles on this website are in reality the undefined remainder of a recursive algorithm used by scientist to predict the shapes of snowflakes. Sadly, the program failed. (note: recursive does not mean to rewrite in cursive).

It was then discovered by an outsider that by replacing weather data variables with gross weight estimates of cat litter--both pre- and post-kitty--that the algorithm would generate long lines of nonsense. After some tweaking, The Odd Thought was born!

As you could imagine, such a machine is quite expensive. Thus, we humble accept any generosity you may feel (note: $1 dollar minimum). If not for us, think of the children!

Best Wishes,
The Odd Thought

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