Our First Error

To the Readers,
I would like personally to thank Joe K. for bringing a serious matter to the editor. Joe is on the ball, but the editor is not. He let a grave spelling error slip in our mission statement. Truth be told, I don't worry too much about the error--mostly because Greg and Michael have no real mission...

Hitherto, our mission statement read "...we don't right about dentistry". This is not true. We do right about dentistry...wait...we don't right about dentistry? Oh, we write about dentistry. Well, we may not actually right about dentistry, but we don't write about it either!

More importantly, however, is that The Odd Thought readers are the kind of people perfectly willing to tell us when we suck! Unfortunately, this could make for a lot of work in the future! We reserve all write to make fundamental errors.

In conclusion, we at The Odd Thought will always right our wrongs, but will always write them too!

The Editors