My Will Be Done

Self Reflection
A couple months back, I decided to make a striking change in my life. After some self reflection--and crying--I began to wonder if the unhappiness that had so perfumed my world could somehow be my fault. Never!

There is a prayer said by many with the line "...thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven". Never really thought much about it, I always sloughed it off as more religious rhetoric. But now I understand the symbolism. Earth: the physical world. Heaven: the spiritual/mental world. Thy: old speak for you. So... you will be done in the physical world as you will be done in the mental. Snap! That is, however you think, that is how you are.

This actually makes a great deal of sense. Don't you think about what you want for dinner before you order it? Don't you decide what to say before you say it? Don't you have to buy women's shoes before you can wear them? Wait--you don't? Yeah, me either...

This may sound like more tree hugging hippy crap--and it may be--but none the less, it may be true (don't kill the messenger, but you can give him a job--if he cuts his hair!).

First and foremost I consciously stopped myself from saying negative things. No more "today sucks" or "I hate this..." or "Greg's a jackass". Amazingly, like a raging ego maniac, the negativity in my mind shriveled at the silence of its own voice. About a week into my adventure, I had little negative emotion left.

Since, the world is a much nicer place. I don't expect people to be mean to me. Snide remarks and attitudes don't offend me. I don't shiver in the pit of my soul at the thought of going to work, and my purple flats look spectacular--ehr, I mean, no...

Look, I'm not worried about the prayer or anything; it ain't the way I groove. But it may be more than just some dumb line. More importantly, it offers us a powerful truth. The world may only suck because you think it does, and it may stop sucking if you stop telling it too.