Matt Hatter's: #1

Matt Hatter's: Home for the Troubled
Name: Brian Torce
Age: 34
Status: progressing

I sometimes forget what I look like. It really isn't a big problem until I go to the public restroom. I feel like I'm always barging in on strangers. "Sorry, sir, I didn't see you standing at the sink." It's embarrassing--for both of us.

I had the hardest time one Halloween. I put on my mask and headed for the party. Three keg cups later, I headed for the bathroom. I strolled in and BAM! Staring me in the eyes was non other than Jason the horror flick guy. Nearly peed myself! I knocked the Glade Plug-in from the wall as I struggled for the door. The mask came off--Holy Crap! I saw his face! The image haunts me to this day. I can't look in a mirror without seeing those evil eyes...

NOTE--Matt Hatter's Place: Home for the Troubled is an on-sight therapy institution specializing in unique psychological quirks. if you or someone you love suffers from some form of psychosomatic condition, please seek proper, professional help.