Dumb Is My Mecca

Dumb is my Mecca…
For every person, for every human, there is a point at which fulfillment is sought. People strive towards this goal for a lifetime. It is the greatest quest of all, the literal pursuit of happiness that our forefathers spoke of. Some take the route of mental gains. More still try to reach this brass ring via career success. Good for them. As for me, I make less than most pan handlers, Can't even spell philosophy without a dictionary and the last potluck I went to gave me gas. No joke, there was a lot of celery in that stuffing. (I know the last statement is unrelated but if you learn nothing else, take from this that celery is a spice not a staple. Not now, not ever.) The search continues. One thing is certain though, there has to be something to hang the hat on right? 

Five automobile accidents, the destruction of two staircases from Tupperware sleds, a chronic shoulder injury from an incident involving sumo suits on a hockey rink, and the removal from a very classy restaurant after what can only be classified as "misuse of beer foam" have taught me two things. One, I'm really only a partridge in a pear tree away from having my own holiday song. Second, I seem to have an ever-growing knack for idiocy. 

It wasn't until my neighbor politely informed me that although glare may prevent me from seeing them, they were not affected the same way and would appreciate if I could close the blinds before showering, that it hit me. Dumb is my Mecca! It is where I like to hang out. Now don't go getting all doctor Phil on me just yet. These acts are not a cry for attention. Hardly. I tend to be amply loud enough to get by without gags for effect. Theses samples provided above, and believe you me they are just that, a small sample, serve no other purpose then to enlighten you to what is frighteningly my truth. I'm dumb… I just try to be smart about it.

Thank you.