Combobulate: To organize or pull together.

The word discombobulated is thrown around a great deal in modern society. It is widely accepted to mean disorganized. Thus if there are those that are unorganized there must be those that are organized, or combobulated. But who are these combobulators? Lets list some people off and see who's who.

Most accountants: combobulators
Most Plumbers: discombobulators
Harriet Tubman: Great combobulator
President Bush: Great discombobulator
The Mafia: Bad morals, great combobulators
Teenagers: Bad acne, great discombobulators
Donald Trump: One of the great combobulators of our time
Optimus Prime: The greatest Transformer of our time (unrelated but true)

But that's not where the story ends. Actually it is. Thanks for reading.


1. Idiots make the world go round; unfortunately they are rarely wearing pants when they do it!
2. Saying “I told you so” makes a horrible icebreaker for a frank conversation on venereal disease.
3. Cows may have more nipples, but you have to ask yourself “without opposable thumbs to pinch them, what’s the point?”
4. If the early bird gets the worm…I’m just gonna sleep in and catch lunch.
5. Fishermen are hookers, you know, if you think about it.
6. Writing is for suckers, but I just wrote that so…you know
7. Six is definitely enough, seven is almost too many.