Porn Ography

So I'm thinking today about stuff as I do. You know, general philosophy of life kind of stuff. And then it hits me: if oceanography is the study of the ocean, then is pornography the study of porn? Finally, a question that deserves a real answer.

Although I have yet to find a University offering a degree in Pornography, I did find the root of the word. It comes from the Greek pornographos: porne meaning prostitute and graphein meaning to write. That is to say, pronography literally means "to write about prostitutes". Go figure! 

By the same logic, a bio-porn-ography would be a writen work about the life of a prostitute and an auto-bio-porn-orgraphy would be a self written piece about the life of a prostitute. Biopornography: a torid tale of sex, money, and the quest for fulfillment... A soon-to-be best seller, I'm sure...

The Psychiatrist

Smoking Brain
A man goes to his psychiatrist for some advice.

“Doctor Jerry,” he says, “there’s something wrong in my marriage.”
“What’s that?” the therapist asks.
“It’s the sex—my wife insists on turning off the lights.”
“And this bothers you?”
“No, it doesn’t bother me. I just makes it hard to see her though the window.”
“The window?”
“I see,” the therapist pauses. “How do you feel about your wife having sex with another man?”
The man answers: “I don’t know—Jerry is a pretty nice guy…”
Frustrated, the therapist shouts: “Sir! Your wife is cheating on you—wait, my name is Jerry…”
“Oops, I’m sorry, did I say my wife?”