The Writers

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The Odd Thought features the writings of Greg Morrow and Michael Shores. Both write from a unique style and perspective, but there is a binding thread running though their creativity...or at least they both write in English. Although their writing expressions may be very different, the impulse springs deep from the same well of creative energy. Heavy drinking...okay, just but really.

Greg often gives us a glimpse into how the world might be...or already is...either way, it's good. Poiniant philosophy rounded by a healthy swagger. Intensely analytical, Michael brings the deepest inner meanings of very little worth knowing. Under any condition, below is a list of featured articles by both writers.

Greg Morrow

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College educated and well traveled, Greg Morrow is now accomplice mastermind behind The Odd Thought. Find more about Greg on his biography page.

Featured Articles
Pasted Graphic 1 It Was Saturday Night
Breakfast With Maury
A Day in the Life of a Leper
Little Soldiers: A Sperm Story
The Book

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Michael Shores
With ambition far beyond his ability to follow through, Michael Shores comes to The Odd Thought ready to create. Find more about Michael on his biography page.

Featured Articles
My Buddha Statues Pasted Graphic 1
Who Is Buck Naked?
Who Is Willis Stronger?
Haiku Haiku
Styrofoam Just Doesn't Grow on Trees