The Writer

Greg Morrow
Born in 1982 in Gallup, New Mexico.
Graduated and escaped high school in artistic Santa Fe, NM 2000. Graduated B.A. in Communication from University of New Mexico, 2005. This is where the story takes a notable turn. In the years that followed, Greg left work, returned to work, left work, went to Europe, returned to work, and became engaged to his long time girlfriend Randi Andrews. He would switch jobs three times only to wind up where he started. Grinding coffee for public consumption. It would be these gaps in employment and or rental history that would provide the time for the writing seed to blossom, and what a blossom it would turn into. Its petals seemingly more colorful and odd with each passing glance. The discovery of these petals would lead Greg back to the creative energy of a childhood friend Michael. Through that, this web site was formed.


Interviewing Greg Morrow

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Based on the growing popularity and the rash of emails demanding more, we at The Odd Thought decided that we better get to know the stars of our site, our writers. Michael was recently interviewed and boy did we get more than we bargained for with that. He opened up to us for a frank conversation about his life and writing. Based on scheduling it is only now that we get to sit down with the other half of our creative team, Greg. So without further a due let’s get in there and see if we can discover what makes this man tick.

THE ODD THOUGHT: So Greg thanks for sitting down with us today.

GREG: Absolutely, glad I could be here.

THE ODD THOUGHT: First thing first, what is new in the life of Greg?

GREG: Well the Mc Rib is back at McDonalds so I have been pretty busy with that lately.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Do you promote it?

GREG: I eat it.

THE ODD THOUGHT: I see. Any new articles on the horizon?

GREG: Oh yeah…there are a lot of new ones coming up soon.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Care to leak some of the future topics?

GREG: I don’t know what they are yet.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Are you lying to us?

GREG: Would a naked man lie?

THE ODD THOUGHT: What do you mean…wait…put your pants back on.

GREG: Sorry.


GREG: Seriously though I can’t ruin the surprise. You’ll just have to keep coming back to see what’s new.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Well can you at least tell us what inspires you?

GREG: That’s a hard one. Let me think.

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THE ODD THOUGHT: I thought I told you to put your pants on.

GREG: I did.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Your naked.

GREG: Oh, yeah it helps me think.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Is there anything you leave your pants on for?

GREG: Phone calls. Otherwise it’s awkward, I feel like they can hear my junk.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Why would they hear it?

GREG: I have a bell.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Back to the point. Will you and Michael ever do a collaboration?

GREG: I would like to, but it’s hard.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Different styles?

GREG: No, we have to talk on the phone.


GREG: Like I said I think better without pants but you know my policy about phones.


GREG: Do you have any other questions?

THE ODD THOUGHT: Honestly I’m too confused for words.

GREG: It’s probably for the better.

Though our time together was brief it was clear that Greg was a creative force. A dashing, naked, creative force. We hope that we will be able to connect again and perhaps figure out a little more about the mind of Greg. We at The Odd Thought will continue to publish the writings of both Greg and Michael. Check back soon to see what new light they bestow upon us.

Thank you, The Odd Thought

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