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Michael Shores
Hailing from picturesque Santa Fe, New Mexico, Michael Shores spent six years agnostic in a Catholic high school. Four years of public university followed. Michael graduated with degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy. He became a waiter… A steadfast student of guitar and voice and music theory, Michael left his native New Mexico for the lofty rent of southern California. Having dabbled in everything from corporate telecommunications to fashion model management, yoga, and meditation, the writer’s impulse “just showed up”. Michael’s growing body of work sat eagerly waiting for a public outlet. This search led Michael back to long time friend Greg. This forum is that solution.


Interviewing Michael Shores

We recently interviewed our own Michael Shores about his work, life, and outlook. In a candid interview, Michael shared some insights into his writing background and vision.

THE ODD THOUGHT: What got you into your style of writing?

MICHAEL: My mind is really always running with ideas…I’m a bit of a daydreamer. So I had all these ideas running in my mind—you know, bizarre thoughts about language—I really just sat up one day and thought to myself, “I’m going to start writing this stuff down.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Why take so long to step into writing?

MICHAEL: Well, I’ve had the interest for some time, but never got around to it, or never thought it was a viable on any level other than a hobby. I wrote well in college, but that was a whole different thing. That was term papers on Immanuel Kant and Karl Marx—scholastic stuff. But I’d come up with some ideas for short stories.

THE ODD THOUGHT: What was the catalyst?

MICHAEL: Actually, I went down to Ensenada, Mexico with some friends. We stayed beachfront and I woke up with this idea for a story… and it just hit me really to start writing a catalogue of my thoughts. My head really hurt from the margaritas…

THE ODD THOUGHT: How did you end up with your article style?

MICHAEL: I love quirks of language and backwards ways of looking at things. I like the contrast of what we literally say compared to what we mean. I started an article to “pry” into one of my obscure thoughts and after a couple of shots at it, I just kept going further and further. A kind of building nothing from nothing.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Where will you go from here?

MICHAEL: I’ll probably go back to my house [laughs]…just kidding. No, I’m really happy to be writing for The Odd Thought and to have a tailored outlet. Publishing is such mess and all. I dig Greg’s writing too—it’s cool to be a part of forum like this. I have tons of ideas for articles and stories that I would like to run as series. I hope they can really take root here.

THE ODD THOUGHT: Will there be any collaborations between you and Greg Morrow?

MICHAEL: We’ve talked about that as a possibly. It’s tough to say though. We have to do it over the phone, but he thinks naked…

THE ODD THOUGHT: Like his creative process is bare and stark?

MICHAEL: No, like he doesn’t wear clothes…weirds me out a little. But I respect the man for having a method.


MICHAEL: What? Do you have to leave?

THE ODD THOUGHT: No, I was…well…never mind.

With our interview concluded, we are very excited to publish Michael’s writings to the Internet. It is nice to work with talented and ambitious writers like Michael Shores and Greg Morrow. We look forward to reading more from both Michael and Greg here at The Odd Thought.

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